Sanderson to live and learn from the best in Sweden

Young reinsman Ryan Sanderson is set to make the voyage to Sweden to learn from one of the best trainers in the world.

Driver : Ryan Sanderson
Driver : Ryan Sanderson Picture: HRV

The 20-year-old linked up with Swedish horseman Jörgen Westholm during his adventure of a lifetime in France last year and will visit him in Europe later this month.

"I met a trainer (Westholm) while I was in France. He said that I am welcome to come around during Elitloppet time, have a look and work a few of his horses," Sanderson said.

"He is going to show me around a few farms and stuff, so I thought I would take the opportunity."

The Murchison-based reinsman's trip will coincide with the 2024 Elitloppet.

"It will be a bit of both work and pleasure," he said. "He (Westholm) said I can drive trackwork all morning, and he will show me around a few farms and show me around the place."

Sanderson knows a drive in one of the world's most prestigious harness races would be a long shot.

"It would be like trying to get a ride in the Melbourne Cup, it would be very hard," he laughed. "I would love to at some stage."

The opportunity to learn from one of the best in the world is something that excites Sanderson.

"When you are in different countries, it's always good. And obviously in France and Sweden, their trotters are just elite. It would be cool to see how their horses race," he said.

"It would be cool to see how they train and work them during the week."